9-pack dog toys


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Odorless, chemical-dye-free cotton ropes are safe for teeth cleaning and puppy teething toys because the fibers can gently pass between dog’s teeth for a thorough cleaning. Dog toy rope with hundreds of fibers that are individually soft but sturdy when tied together makes the dog teeth cleaning toy give your dog a comfortable chewing feeling, maintain dog’s oral health and shines his teeth.
Best Pulling Toy for Aggressive Chewing Dogs and Pulling Toy for Dogs
Dogs love fetch or tug of war games, long lasting aggressive dog rope toys are perfect for dogs of all sizes. High quality cotton rope for dogs, safe and durable dog toys for aggressive chewers to play with owners and other dogs and chew toys for medium dogs.

Chew toys for large dogs are available in 5 different sizes and shapes. They provide a simple and fun solution to problems with improper chewing, reduce anxiety and boredom, large dog chew toys are perfect for pit bulls, German shepherds and indoor and outdoor dogs .


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