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Do you want to feed the birds in your garden with an elegant & chic accessory? Opt for the varnished pine foot feeder!

With 8 perches that can be used as a fat ball holder.
Large central compartment with 4 removable compartments.
Additional tray for seeds.
Non-toxic natural material (bitumen cardboard, non-toxic stain, pine).
Ideal for sprucing up your garden, the free-standing Bird Feeder is perfect for feeding and allows you to observe the fabulous birds up close.

Free-standing bird feeder
In varnished pine
A mineral coating in bitumen cardboard
With a roof extension to keep food dry and shelter birds
4 compartments for seeds
Features 8 perches that can also be used as fat ball holders
With a non-toxic stain
With water-based wood paint
Keeps food dry and clean
Suitable for all birds
Long service life
Chic & design accessory


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