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Birds have a physical and instinctive need to play. You should know that in nature, birds spend time exploring their territory and looking for food. They use their beak which is an important part of their body for the sense of touch.

In a cage, the birds get food easily and therefore do not spend a long time looking for their food. So they have more free time.

This is why we must offer the birds the possibility of playing to meet the need to occupy themselves with their beaks and avoid getting bored.

Different toys are available: toys for searching for food, rope ladders and swings, intelligence toys, destruction toys to control beak growth and allow your bird to move around in their cage…

Plastic swing Arabesque for bird
To hang on a cage, from the ceiling or any stable element in height
Swing in the colors of nature
Playful: With a shape to stimulate the parrot’s mental activity
Helps create a suitable environment for the bird
With plastic clip included
Color according to arrival: OLIVE GREEN / TAUPE / GRAY


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