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Name: cat toy detection ball, the

Suitable for: cats

The diameter is 50mm (1.97 inch).

Material: plush/cloth.

Number: G834

Each unit built-in LR44 toy lithium battery and high sound sensitivity, can produce different simulated sounds, each ball with built-in battery can sustain more than 10,000 times of whispers.

Simulate real sound

Simulate the real sound of three different animals to attract cats’ attention and stimulate their hunting nature. The sounds made by balls of different colors are different.

Frog with its bruise

Its yellow crickets

The pink sound of birds whispers.

Smart trigger faucet

The cat ball has a built-in high-sensitivity voice system.

Catnip can be added

It can make your cat excited and happy, and become your cat’s favorite toy.


To prevent kittens from damaging the battery, the battery is built into the toy and cannot be replaced.


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